Connery 1924 (6545)

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Connery 1924

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In Loving Memory
John Connery,
Who Died 18th May, 1924.
His Son, John Joseph
Died 1st Octoberr, 1905.
His Father, John Connery,
Died 14th January, 1909.
His Mother
Catherine Connery,
Died 27th October, 1918.
Also His Wife Annie Connery,
Died 19th. Oct. 1954 Aged 75 Years
John J. Connery,
Died 30. August 1964.
Imelda Lyons Nee Connery
Died 7. Jan. 1974.
William Connery
Died 22 Oct 1980.
Baby Clive Lewis Died 31. Dec. 1967
Claire Lewis Nee Connery,
Died 21. March. 2002
Erected By His Wife And Family

Stone Mason: 

T. Quin