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Search All Grave Markers this will search all the photographed grave markers in Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery. Each grave marker photograph contains the first surname recorded and the year of the first death recorded. You will be able to view the location of the grave marker and the grave marker photograph. (Example Jim Kemmy headstone has not been transcribed but he died in 1997 and was the first person named in his grave marker, his photograph and map has an index of Kemmy 1997)

Search Transcribed Grave Markers this will search all the transcribed grave markers in Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery to date, April 2014, approximately 2/3 of the grave markers. This contains the full transcription from the grave marker including each individuals name and date of death where recorded. You will also be able to view the location of the grave marker and the grave marker photograph.

Featured Grave Marker

Michael Hogan - The Bard of Thomond

Michael Hogan was born in Thomondgate his year of birth varies between 1828 and 1832, he became one of Limerick's most notable poets. His first volume of works, Lays and Legends of Thomond, was published in Limerick in 1861. In 1886 he went to the United States, where he stayed for three years before returning to Limerick where he passed away in 1899. His Obituary was in the Limerick Chronicle Newspaper. A life-size statue of Hogan was erected to his memory at King John Castle Plaza in Limerick city in 2005. His grave marker is located at Db9. This grave marker replaced an older gravemarker in 1994, you can see an image of the older grave marker in the Limerick Museum Collection

Michael Hogan

Important Notice

Please remember that this is a historic cemetery. Many people did not have grave marker and some grave markers deteriorated over time and are difficult to read. Names of people who died abroad are often remembered on a family headstone. Names may be misspelled by the family, cemetery supervisor or the stonecarver.

This map will only identify graves with headstones or markers will not find a grave without a headstone. The transcribed Burial Register Transcriptions will show if a burial took place in Mount Saint Lawrence Old Cemetery. Limerick City Archives have made scanned burial registers for other Limerick City Cemeteries available online.

This data has been gathered by staff and students as a heritage and educational project. Transcription errors may happen, if you notice a transcription error you can contact via the feedback form.

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