MM St.Edith (62593)

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Date of Death: 

Sunday, June 1, 1947


62 593


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Reference Name Year: 

Mother M of St Alphonsus 1890

Grave Inscription: 

Society of/Marie Reparatrice/In fond memory of/Mother M. of St. Alphonsus/Died 1890/Sister M. of St. Celia Died 1896/Sister M of St. Ailbe Died 1899/Mother M. of St. Audrey Died 1903/Sister M. of St. Benedict Died 1903/Mother M. of St. Columba Died 1901/Sister M. of St. Elphege Died 1909/Mother M. of St. Canice Died 1911/Mother M. of St. Manresa Died 1916/Sister Nanda O'Hare died 4 Aug. 1982/Mother M. of St. Gabriel Died 1917/Mother M. of St. Rodolphl Died 1920/ Sister M. of St. Constant Died 1920/Mother M. of St. Immaculate Died 1923/Mother M. of St. Sebastian Died 1927/Sister M. of Lida Died 1928/Mother M. of Clare Died 1929/RIP/Mother M. of St. Fintan Died 1928/Sister M. of Chad Died 1931/Sister M. of Fursey Died 1935/Mother M. of Syra Died 1936/Mother M. our lady of the sacred heart/Died 1937/Mother M. of St. Ita Died 1938/Sister M. of St. Kieran/Died 20 Jan. 1943/ Sister M. of St. Ebba/Died 28 March 1943/RIP/Sister Dorothy Schroder/Died 6 Feb. 1979/Sister M. of St. Gilbert Died 20 April 1954/Mother M. of St. Rumold Died 24 Aug. 1957/Sister M. of St Egbert/Died 25 Sept. 1960/Mother M. of St. Brigid/Died 21 June 1962/Sr. Winifried Braun July 27 1969/Sr. Margaret Mooney April 1 1975/Sr. Catherine Flanagan Jan. 27 1977/Sr. Mary O'Sullivan 17 June 1977/Sr. Ursula Mary Rynne 23 June 1977/Sr. Alice Condon 6 Sept. 1978/Sr. M. Susanna/Cassidy/Died 28.9.1980/Sister M. of St. Jarlath/Died 19 August 1945/Mother M. of St. Hilda/Died 7th June 1947/Mother M. of St. Senan/Died 22nd Jan. 1951/Mother M. of Virco Reparatrix/Died 30th May 1951/Sister M. of St. Mel Died 9 April 1954

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