White 1907 (2545)

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White 1907

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Thy Will
Be Done
Erected By
John White
Broad St.
In Loving Memory Of His Father
Edward White
Died 18th Oct 1907
Aged 50 Years.
And His Mother
Norah White
Died 15th Aug. 1917 Aged 60 Years
And His Wife
Margaret (MEG)
Who Died 24th April 1941. Aged 46 Years
The Above John White
Died 28 Dec. 1953 Aged 62 Years.
And Of Edward White
Died 10 Oct. 1962
Aged 38 Yrs.
And Of Patricia White
Died 31 Oct 1970
Aged 8 Yrs.
Noreen White
Died 25 Nov. 2001
Sarah Brennan
Died 10. Oct. 1950

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