Walsh 1886 (5585)

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Walsh 1886

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Deus Meus Et Omnia
Pray For The Souls Of The Priest
Of The
First Orfer Of St. Francis
Very Rev. Francis A. Walsh O.F.M
Died 8 Oct 1896
Rev. Charles H. Horan O.F.M
27 Jan. 1900
Rev. Thomas J. Burke O.F.M
17 Sept. 1902
Rev. Raphael Mc Auliffe O.F.M
6th Oct 1916
Rev. Bernardine O.F.M
April 15 1921
Rev. Bonaventine O.F.M Oct 10 1924
Rev. Leonard O.F.M.Oct 17 1926
Rev. Fr. Aedan Roberts O.F.M
Died 3 June 1944
Aged 67 Years
Very Rev. Luios Baldwin O.F.M
Ex-Def Genl.
Died 1st May 1957
Very Rev. Fr. Theophilus Gantley O.F.M
14 March 1962
Rev. Fr. Fridolin Fehily O.F.M
Died 26 May 1963
Brother Gerard Hickey O.F.M
Died 29 Sept 1978
Mary Hickey
Mother Of Gerard
Died 23 April 2004
Her Husband
Ned Hickey
Died 28 Oct 2007
In Memory Of The Friars
Of The
First Order Of St Francis
Whose Remains Lie Here
Erected By The Members
Of The
Third Order Of St Francis
Limerick 1905
Very Rev. T.A. Moloney O.F.M. Director
Rev. Martin Croker O.F.M
Died 16th Feb 1974
Rev. Bro. John Baptist Corry O.F.M
Died 17 May 1974
Rev. Celestine O'Connell O.F.M
Died 24 Dec 1975
Rev. William Heffernan O.F.M
Doed 20 Oct 1978
Rev. Enda Keane O.F.M
Died 26 Dec 1980
Rev. Gilbert Clarke O.F.M
Died 2 June 1982
Fr. Cronán Ó Torpaigh O.F.M Gardin
Died 26 Aug 1991
Rev. Fr. Elizear Dowd O.F.M Died 27 June 1992
Rev. Michael Quinlan O.F.M
Died 25th May 1993.