Tracey 1882 (3138)

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Tracey 1882

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Erected By
Patrick Tracey
In Memory Of His Affeconate Wife
Who Died 30th June 1882 Aged 38 Years
Also His Six Children
Anne Died 21st June1873 Aged 8 Weeks
Patrick Jos Died 7th May 1878 3 Months
Patrick Jos Died 31st Augt 1880 Aged 5 Months
Anne Died 16 Feb 1881aged 7 Years
Helena Died 30th Augt 1881 Aged 10 Weeks
Martin Died 12th Septr 1882 Aged 3 Months
May They Rest In Peace
(Lh Side)- Agnes Tracey
Died 19 September 1883
Aged 4 Years
Patrick Tracey
Died 11th Feb 1907
Aged 75 Years
(RH Side)- John Tracey
Died 18. February 1890
Aged 14 Years
Bridget Tracey
Died 24th May 1892
Aged 15 Years
Nora Thornhill
28.12.1925 Wife Of
MOTHER Of Jack Paddy
Mary Coillie Jim