Ryan 1896 (3952)

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Ryan 1896

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Pray For The Soul Of
Michael Ryan
Who Erected This
Monument Died
Sept The 5th 1878
Aged 60 Years
And Of His Wife
Mary Ryan
Who Died 3 June 1908
In Her 91st Year
Michael Son
Aged 88 Years
Died In Cape Town
William B. Ryan
Aged 72 Years
Son Died In London
Requiesat In Peace
Also His Daughter
Mrs Mary Jane Kearney
Died May 26 1877
Aged 24 Years
Mrs Julia O'Donoghue
Died Oct 26 1879
Aged 20 Years
Michael Kearney
Died 18th April 1894
Aged 19 Years
Josaphine Kearney
Died 4 Oct 1904
Aged 25
Requiesat In Peace
Pray For The Soul
Of Jane Ryan
The Beloved Wife
Of John Ryan
Died The 23rd Nov 1881
Aged 36 Years
And Of Her Husband
John Ryan
Who Died 25th May 1891
Aged 49 Years
Also Their Son
John Robert Ryan
Died 24th Feb 1892
Aged 18 Years
Requiest In Peace
The Family
Burial Place Of
Michael Ryan
To The Memory Of
His Son
Mathew Ryan
Who Departed This Life
The 18th December
Age 29 Years
Requiesat In Peace

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