Ryan 1867 (4189)

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Ryan 1867

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Edmund Fitzgerald Ryan
Aema Wexford
Died Ceased Of The Assumption
25th August 1897
Aged 78 Years
PRAY For The Souls Of
Michael Robert Ryan
Of Temple Muncret
Who Departed This Life
On The 14th Of December 1874
Aged 31 Years
And Of Julia Theresa His Wife
Who On The 16th Of March 1875
Aged 47 Years
Followed Her Beloved Husband
To A Happy Eternity
Here Also Rests The Infant Children Mary Kathleen And Edmund
In Memory Of
Anna Maria Ryan
Who Died Feb 16 1867 Aged 36 Years And Of Her Children
Rosetta Aged 7 Months
And Michael Aged 11 Months
Anna Maria
Died February 26th 1862 Aged 17 Years
William Owen Died June 3 1876 Aged 16
Julia Francis Died 4th March 1880 Aged 27
May God Have Mercy On Their Souls Amen
Catherine Ryan
Died 27th Feb 1864
Aged 50 Years
Maria Ryan
Died 17th August 1880 Aged 33 Years