Gleeson 1912 (6655)

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Gleeson 1912

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Pray For The Soul Of
Catherine Gleeson
Died 7th Feb 1912 Aged 56 Years
And Her Husband
Garreth Gleeson
Died 31st Jan 1937 Aged 85 Years
Their Children
Christopher Died 2nd Aug 1913
Aged 20years
John Died 1st March 1931
Aged 42 Years
May Died 8th July 1945
Aged 51 Years
John Joseph Barry
Died 9th March 1949 Aged 63 Years
Mr Michael Gleeson
Died7 April 1963
Mrs Delia Barry
Died 21 March 1969
Mrs Kathleen Eades
Died 21 April 1972
William Willie Gleeson
Died 23 Dec 1950
Erected By Their Sons