Donovan 1906 (10714)

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Donovan 1906

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Erected By
William Donovan
In Memory Of His Wife
Bridget Donovan
Who Died 8th. June 1906
Aged 50 Years.
Also His Son John
Who Died 13th.April 1902
Aged 31 Years.
His Daughter Ellen,
Died 20th June 1920 Aged 30 Years
And His Daughter-In-Law
Ellen Donovan
Died 17th Aug 1942 Aged 58 Years
In Loving Memory Of
Eileen Donovan Died 29th Jan 1944
Mary Ann Donovan Died 5th May 1944
Jack Donovan Died 30th July 1946
William Donovan Snr Died 2nd Aug. 1957
William Donovan Jnr Died 4th April 1977
Kevin Donovan Died 13th March 1990
Rest In Peace