Christian Brother's (8076)

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Christian Brother's

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in memory of/deceased members of the/religious congregation of/christian brothers/here interred/rip (left side of grave)br austin michael o brien 6th july 1894 aged 29 yrs/br james joseph kelly 20th march 1897 aged 68 yrs/br peter dominic consicline 24th dec 1899 aged 41 yrs/br james ambrose clarice 2nd jan 1902 aged 78 yrs/br john dominic mc nally 28th march 1911 aged 71 yrs/br timothy p colclough 20th sept 1915 aged 73 yrs/br joseph ryan 1st dec 1899 aged 74 yrs/br john plunket gynor 30th may 1944 aged 20 yrs/rev. br richard gorald ryan 6th jan 1949 aged 75 yrs/rev. br joseph benedict mc auley 22nd jan 1967 aged 71 yrs/rev. br denis p hegerty 1st june 1968 aged 59 yrs/ rev. br thomas oliver buckley28th dec 1981 aged 60 yrs/rev br michael joseph collins 21st may 1982 aged 62 yrs (right side of grave) br john bernard barry 11th july 1896/br william joseph ryan 1st dec 1899/br john joseph roche 17th jan 1901/br john joseph roche 14th dec 1904/br john j. cregan 15th september 1920/br james hubert nolan 10th nov 1922/rev br. A.l neston 5th jan 1922/rev br m.p duggan 4th aug 1932/rev br p.m kilmartin 17th nov 1966 aged 59 yrs/ bro charles firmin arthur 29th may 1969/rev br michael alban mc grath 23rd dec 1973 aged 74 yrs/ rev br robert daniel hegarty 28th oct 1976 aged 61 yrs